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The Emerald City has the enviable honor of being the specialty coffee center of the United States and maybe of the world, depending on who you ask. Where else is better to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee than here? The good thing with having all these coffee fans and coffee places is that the stiff competition has given rise to coffee shops that have serious coffee-making skills. There is also a very wide variety of coffee for all kinds of preferences. If you are new to Seattle or are just looking to revitalize your taste buds, try these coffee shops.

La Marzocco Café – 472 1st Ave N
The renowned coffee equipment maker has a coffee shop where coffee enthusiasts can learn more about making coffee at home. Coffee fans can be assured of a fresh taste every time as the coffee shop features an in-house roaster every month. Ask for the honey cardamom latte.

Anchorhead Coffee – 1600 7th Ave., Ste. 105
Coffee company Anchorhead Coffee has a new coffee shop in downtown Seattle. Customers can have the usual Four Seasons coffee served by the shop’s robotic server, the PourSteady. If you are looking for something different, try the cold coffee brew on draft or the espresso. Make sure to ask for the Citra hopped version of the cold brew.

Métier – 1017 E. Union St.
Also called Bike Café Métier, this great spot is a favorite with the cycling and environmental activism crowd. You will find fine-tasting roasts from Slate and Elm, Sacramento’s Temple, and Sightglass from San Francisco. Make sure to ask for the Chai latte or the cold brew and have it with delicious smoked salmon.

Squirrel Chops – 2201 E Union St.
If you need a haircut or styling, wait while having a quality cup of coffee. This is what Squirrel Chops offers. The place has the feel of the old barbershops where people can come for local banter and gossip while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Be sure to ask for the spiced cardamom latte.

Preserve and Gather – 358 NW 85th St.
This coffee shop was a Kickstarter project with the owners building it by hand. Even the furniture is handcrafted. Keeping with this rustic setting, there is no WiFi and table hoarders are discouraged at Preserve and Gather. Fans of Conduit Coffee will find it on the menu. Ask for the classic cappuccino and you will not be disappointed.

Belden Café – 10527 Main St
Coffee enthusiasts who eat here can also smile in the knowledge that their cup of coffee also supports a variety of charitable causes. This coffee shop offers space for local non-profits to work from and also donates part of their proceeds to different causes. Ask for the tea latte.

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