Best Coffee Shops in the Windy City

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Better known for its industries and academics, most people are surprised to discover that Chicago has a very vibrant coffee culture. It’s one of our favorite cities to visit in general, and it’s a great place to sample fabulous coffees, too.

Granted, most of the best coffee shops are around the University of Chicago area, but the world culture feel of the city has given rise to many other coffee shops around the city. One common thing is the love for fair trade coffee among coffee enthusiasts in the Windy City. Here’s a look at some of our favorite coffee spots in Chicago.

Sip & Savor – 5301 S Hyde Park Blvd.
If you love your coffee with well-baked pastries, Sip & Savor has just what you need. They have a slogan “globally local,” which means that you will be served with the finest coffees from around the world together with pastries from local recipes.

Asado Coffee – 1432 W Irving Park Rd
This Japanese themed coffee shop is touting a superior way of making espresso. They have a machine called the Mirage that uses Japanese coffee drippers for superior extraction when making espresso. They also have a new shop in The Loop.

Oromo Café – 4703 N Lincoln Ave
For coffee enthusiasts who are into Turkish and Oriental types of coffees, Oromo Café has a variety of coffee recipes from Turkey, India, and the Middle East as well as coffees from North and East Africa. Order your coffee with a bite of superfoods like deliciously made egg salad.

Café 53 – 1369 E 53rd St.
Just a few blocks away from the University of Chicago campus, this coffee shop is a favorite with the student crowd. It has a laid back feel with easy seating arrangements on the patio as well as indoors. Halal food lovers will be glad to know that the menu is Halal. Other favorites besides the great coffee include the gelato and the sandwiches.

Cobb Coffee Shop – 5811 S Ellis Ave.
This coffee shop is not widely known as it is within university grounds. It is located in the basement of Cobb Hall. The coffee shop has been themed as a student apartment with all kinds of favorite posters on the wall and the latest music that is popular with the student crowd. If you are looking for a totally laid-back and cool place to hang out while catching up with the academic crowd, this is the place. Order classic espresso with food from local restaurants.

Intelligentsia Coffee -3123 N Broadway St.
There are actually six coffee shops under this brand that has been recently taken over by Peet’s. Intelligentsia has always been a favorite with coffee enthusiasts with a preference for South American and African coffee.

Robust Coffee Lounge – 6300 S Woodlawn Ave,
This coffee shop in the Woodlawn area has heavy influences from Chicago’s industrial background. It offers good quality coffee and snacks.

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